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Company Overview - Bank Consulting Services

Kane Bank Services  is the retail bank consulting resource for profitability, customer relationship, and employee performance strategies. We deliver expert guidance and measurable results across a broad spectrum of retail banking issues.

Kane Bank Services is an internationally-known and respected bank consulting practice that bridges the gap between strategy and action. We offer real-world, practical advice that enables our clients to increase profitable sales and strengthen and deepen their customer relationships.

Kane Bank Services clients cite increased profitability, strengthened customer relationships, an improved customer experience, and heightened efficiency as part of the return on investment realized through Kane Bank Services’ retail bank consulting and sales training practice.

Kane Bank Services has assisted a wide variety of financial institutions, both nationally and globally. Clients include major institutions such as Citibank, Lloyds Banking Group, ABN Amro, Deutsche Bank, Fifth Third and SunTrust. We also take pride in serving regional and community banks that are committed to providing industry-leading service, such as Fremont Bank, The Laredo National Bank, Tri-Counties Bank and others.

Kane Bank Services would like to partner with your organization as your retail bank consultant, delivering enhanced profitability and performance to your enterprise.

Our Services

Training & Development

Training & Development We differ from other training firms in that we don't charge a per person training fee. We believe that while the training firm benefits from this arrangement, the client incurs higher training costs.

Revenue Growth

Revenue Growth To us, revenue growth occurs when you maximize your channel strategies, your product mix, your customer experience, and your employees activities.

Distribution Strategies

Distribution Strategies We can help you identify the right strategy for your bank and design the multi-channel distribution strategy that will best increase revenues.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience We can help you design an integrated program to evaluate your customer experience at various points of contact at the teller line, at new account opening and at your call center and then use that data to make impactful changes to increase loyalty, promotion, and satisfaction.

Sales Management

Sales Management An effective sales culture remains an elusive goal for many banks. We take the mystery out of these critical retail bank components that create a sales culture and provide the building blocks to ensure success.

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